B640 - 650 80V

B640 - 650  / 80V

Wysoka wydajność do ciężkich zastosowań

The Cesab 80V 4-wheel AC electric forklift B640-650 range helps achieve the highest levels of workplace productivity. There are three models to choose from offering load capacities from the 4 tonnes of the B640 model to the 5.0 tonne capacity B650 which comes with a 600mm load centre to ensure increased residual capacity and improved stability.

The Cesab B640-650 range offers increased productivity through a combination of powerful motors, high capacity batteries and Cesab’s Intelligent Mast Design (IMD) technology. For increased safety it also features additional mast sensors that automatically reduce travel speeds to safer levels depending on the load and position of the forks.

An optional high capacity 930Ah battery makes the B640-650 range ideal for use in high-intensity, multi-shift operations. Optional battery side extraction also enables operators to change the battery quickly which further optimizes uptime.

IP43 is standard protection of the electric traction motor, enabling it to work outdoors as well as inside, with minimal risk of water damage, making it a powerful alternative to diesel and LPG options. All B640-650 trucks have a wide range of masts and a maximum lifting height of up to 6500mm


Model B 645
Napęd Elektryczny
Udźwig (Q) 4500 kg
Środek ciężkości (c) 500 mm
Zakres ruchu podnoszenia (h3) 3300 mm
Prędkość jazdy z / bez ładunku 17.5 / 17.5 km/h
Prędkość podnoszenia z / bez ładunku 0.33 / 0.47 m/s
Promień skrętu (Wa) 2609 mm
Napięcie baterii / Pojemność nominalna (5h) 80V / 750 - 930 Ah

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